About us

PLC-Systems Ltd. - one of leading suppliers of hardware and software for the automated control systems of technological processes. A rich choice of systems, a wide range of technical opportunities and reasonable prices - here our basic advantages. Our experts have wide experience in construction of systems of automation and are well know problems of the domestic industry. It allows us to offer you the best decisions under the reasonable prices.
  • Programmed logic controllers of common industrial purpose and specialized for SCADA systems and heavy conditions of operation
  • The software for various tasks of the automated control systems of technological processes
  • Industrial computers
  • The allocated systems of gathering of the information
  • The network equipment for industrial Ethernet networks
  • Tools of Human-Machine interface - Alphanumeric and graphic panels, alarm lamps, control buttons
  • Frequency-adjustable drives
  • The terminal equipment
  • Power supplies
Our suppliers - the well-known companies in the world:
  • Wonderware (USA) - the leader on manufacture of the software of automation of productions
  • AutomationDirect (USA) - the general distributor PLC, made by company Koyo Electronics (Japan), and other equipments of automation
  • ICP DAS (Taiwan) - the manufacturer of popular inexpensive modules for the allocated systems of I/O on the basis of interface RS-485, and also PC cards of I/O for ISA/PCI slots
  • Axiomtek (Taiwan) - one of leading manufacturers of industrial computers, HMI, embedded systems and components for its
  • ControlTechniques (Great Britain) - one of world leaders of manufacture frequency-adjustable and servo-drivers
  • Seneca S.l.r. (Italy) - industrial equipment feeding, condition, galvanically isolate sensors and actuators in order to protect machinery, equipment and installations

Following global tendencies to the open systems these firms among the first master manufacture of the advanced products which are based last achievements of information technologies.

We add to this warranty service and delivery of the spare parts, the qualified information and technical support, consultations and training, development and introduction of systems of automation.

We offer the "practical" decision of problems of automation with the least capital and operational expenses. To system integrators these decisions allow to win tenders against competitors, and to the enterprises, these decisions applying, in practice to estimate advantages of modern systems of automation.

Many our customers were already convinced of this.

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